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Lorillard Tobacco Company’s position on underage smoking has always been quite clear – kids should never smoke. To address this issue and broadly communicate our position, we launched our voluntary Youth Smoking Prevention Program (YSPP) in 1999.

For 2005, Lorillard is deepening the focus of the existing parent education program to prompt parents to talk early and often with their children about the dangers of smoking. The program incorporates two TV spots, along with this informative website, to provide tips and tools for parents to better conduct these important conversations. The parent-focused program continues to utilize the expertise of Dr. Michael H. Popkin, a renowned parenting expert who has been a part of Lorillard's YSPP since its inception. Dr. Popkin's messages through Lorillard's YSPP have helped hundreds of thousands of parents talk with their children about this important issue.

Lorillard also remains committed to curbing youth access to cigarettes at retail through its continuing leadership and sponsorship of the popular "We Card" program.

Our efforts continue to evolve into a highly-effective means of communicating with millions of parents. With the help of our program and a growing roster of impressive youth anti-smoking efforts, teen smoking rates are on a dramatic decline, reaching historic lows in 2003. Lorillard is committed to the basic principle that children should never smoke and continues in its resolve to make even more of a difference in the efforts to prevent youth smoking.

For additional information about YSPP, please contact us.

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